Welcome to the year 2118, where the climate is hot, humid, and stormy.

Temperatures have risen–and so have the flood waters. Public infrastructure has been overwhelmed by storms, which are frequent and extreme. Water, while abundant, is often not clean enough to drink or swim in. Despite all of this (or perhaps because of it) we, city residents, remain active and optimistic. With disaster as our common bond, we rise to the challenge of keeping our cherished city above water.

Lately, however, community members have been having trouble with their memory. After each storm, murmurs of “aquanesia” circulate as more folks seem dazed, disoriented, and forgetful.

What is this mysterious aquanesia?

Your mission — should you choose to accept it — is to help solve this mystery.

Assemble your team of 2-5 players, prepare your bicycles or walking shoes and get ready to experience your watershed like you never have before.

See if you can discover the cause - and the cure - to Aquanesia!

Register here for Grand Rapids, MN, September 29 or 30
Register here for Rochester, MN, October 6 or 7

Families are welcome! Game activities are most appropriate for ages 7 and up. Playtime is approximately 2 hours.

We need volunteers!

Sign up for a fun and active shift on either day. Volunteers get a free team ticket and a custom printed bandana.
Sign up to volunteer in Grand Rapids.
Sign up to volunteer in Rochester.